The Smart Selling Lunch Club

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Sales and It's All In The Mind are excited to announce the launch of The Smart Selling Lunch Club! 

The Smart Selling Lunch Club is a series of bite-sized webinars to help you develop the successful sales habits used by top performing sales professionals to achieve continued success . 

The thirty-minute sessions will cover a variety of topics, from managing your mindset and self-confidence, how to effectively plan and prep for sales meetings, right through to eliminating objections early in the process and dealing with a stall!  

The course will be cooked and served to you by sales professionals with a combined 60+ years’ experience within the industry.

Nick Banyard
Simon de Ferrer

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    Session 1 - Understanding & Developing a positive mindset

    • Managing your mindset
    • ANTs / Words, Feelings, Actions
    • The Self-Confidence Cycle & Self-Talk
    This session is running on May 25th and May 27th at 12:30

    Session 2 - Successful Prospect & Client Meetings

    • Pre-Meeting Planning & Prep
    • Opening the Meeting
    • Building Trust & Rapport
    This session is running on June 22nd and June 24th at 12:30

    Session 3 - Effective Questioning

    • The Buying Process
    • Types of Questions
    • Active Listening
    This session is running on July 20th and July 22nd at 12:30

    Session 4 - Handling Objections

    • The Benefit of Eliminating Objections Early in the Process
    • Three Types of Objections
    • Dealing with a Stall
    This session is running on August 24th and August 26th at 12:30