Lead Generation And Telesales
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Our Approach

Generating New Leads

Getting new customers is hard. That’s why a lot of people shy away from it. However, new customers are the life-blood of your business and that’s where we come in. Use Premium Sales’ lead generation and telesales service to find new customers and, in turn, grow your business. By outsourcing your lead generation requirements, we’re able to generate valuable interest in your services. We then convert this interest into qualified appointments, leads or sales calls for you to take forward and convert into new business.

Understanding Your Business and Objectives

We need to understand your unique selling point – this will ensure that we are well equipped to promote your services. Knowing your sales targets will help us to understand where we can bring value. We’ll advise on realistic lead generation objectives based on your target and budget.

Preparing Your Pitch

We spend time with you to profile the decision maker you are looking to target. Then we understand their pain points and how and why you are best placed to address these issues. This helps ensure that we only generate sales leads & appointments that you stand a chance of converting. We consider what objections prospects may have – and how to handle those.

Gathering Data

We carry out web searches to collect data on those businesses we will target. We research prospects through LinkedIn to find the decision makers. We can also use your own data on contacts that you may have too.

Connecting With Prospects

We reach out to your prospects through LinkedIn and emails. We start to break the barriers down and build a relationship and familiarity with your company and what you can offer, before we begin our calls.

Picking Up The Phone

We introduce ourselves as working directly for you. We discuss the prospects requirements in detail and solution model with your service offering. Telesales service of booking physical appointments, telephone appointments or quotation opportunities allows you the best chance of progressing the prospect to a sale.

Monitoring Performance

On your behalf we constantly monitor performance. We keep in constant contact with you to ensure quality is being maintained in the leads that we generate. Reports are provided with all statistics associated with the campaign.

Review And Improve

Lead generation is often an iterative process, one that often involves multiple cycles to get it absolutely right, learning what works and what doesn’t along the way. We will evaluate each cycle providing any recommendations to improve the next cycle of activities. We sit down at quarterly reviews to discuss performance and how to keep improving.

What Our Customers Say