About Us

How It All Started

With a philosophy…”Sales people who follow a process outperform those that don’t”

In 2014, Becky Smith set out to build an outsourced sales business based on a robust selling process that enables more to get done in a structured way, resulting in more leads getting closed more quickly.

She knew from her sales experience that you can’t control your results – but you can control your actions. So, she created Premium Sales around a sales process consisting of a set of repeatable actions that a salesperson follows to take a prospective buyer from the early stage of awareness to a closed sale.

The second piece of sales wisdom is that the sales process is not just limited to generating new leads (where many outsourced sales businesses stop), it includes converting those leads, retaining customers and growing existing relationships. More importantly, if you can increase your effectiveness across all elements of that process, it has a compounding and cumulative impact on results. Imagine increasing leads, and then converting more of those extra leads into new customers, retaining more of those new customers and selling more (to more) of them!

Our Senior Team

Our team is a lot bigger today than when we started (which literally was Becky working alone in her spare bedroom) but we all work towards one goal – to make sales success possible through a combination of process and people – our people and your business

Meet our people. Our team become your team. We asked each of them to say a few words about what working at Premium Sales meant to them…