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Sales Recruitment

With 10 years experience of employing sales staff. In can be a timely process we can mange for you. From all to some of the aspects below, we’re here to simplify the sales recruiting process for you.

How We Can Help

Job Advertising

Writing compelling job adverts that capture the attention of superstar candidates. Providing advice on the best advertising platforms to use to target your intended audience.

CV Sift

Helping you to understand what a good CV looks like, identifying transferrable skill sets, taking the pressure off you having to read through hundreds of CVs.

Telephone Screening

Holding initial telephone interviews with prospective candidates, gaining an initial understanding of their experience, style and approach with an independent point of view.

Assessment Centres

Developing and running assessment centres alongside your hiring managers to identify suitable candidates within a group setting. This can involve group assessments, technical tests and short interviews to narrow down your candidate pool.

DISC Assessments

We can administer DISC assessments for all of your potential candidates, as well as interpreting the results for you, helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses, personality profiles, how people like to work and be managed.

Interview Process

Observing interviews with candidates. Developing competency-based interviews or leading the entire interview for you. Creating a scoring matrix based on personal and technical skills, to help lead you to the best hiring decision for your business.

Selection Criteria And Process

Identifying the key qualities and competencies of the candidate and developing a recruitment process to highlight/ challenge these areas.

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