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Sales Teams

Making life easy for Sales Teams

It’s the difficult jobs that sometimes don’t get done, but that are often the most important, when it comes to sales. Picking up the phone to a cold contact is scary, whilst chasing up leads constantly can be monotonous and boring. That’s where we come in, doing the things that need to be done, to build your pipeline to make the sales happen.

Making a difference across the board

“Having completed 6 months of successfully generating new leads, we decided to try out Premium Sales with a database of existing and lapsed customers. They have re-engaged with these customers upselling and cross selling our services. They have an ability to represent us and connect with and convert new and existing customers alike.”

“They understand our service straight away – and how it could be pitched to prospective customers. From day 1 they made a difference to our sales team in terms of both the quality and quantity of leads.” John Weir, Company Director, Monarch Transport

Why Our Customers Choose Us

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    We become a seamless part of your Sales Team, providing a boost to sales where and when it’s required.
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    Full visibility and transparency of the sales pipeline to understand if you have enough opportunities to achieve your goals.
  • 03

    Greater flexibility: scale-up or scale-down your sales efforts depending on the sales you need.
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    More focus – specific campaigns with clear objectives and KPIs
  • 05

    Sales systems and processes – proven to work
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    Improved efficiency – 100% of our time is focused on generating new business.
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    Motivated People – all of our sales team are employed (not outsourced) trained to be resilient and follow tried and tested sales and customer development processes.
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    Great results – because it’s number that count, at the end of the day.