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Delivering a quicker and better return on your investment

Building your own sales team comes with its challenges. Recruiting, on-boarding, managing performance, and dealing with under-performance and absenteeism; it all takes time, money and expertise. Fast-track to success with Premium Sales. We can work either alongside your existing team or as a standalone, completely outsourced function.

Beyond Expectation

“The results were way above our expectations. Their procedures and processes deliver results, with a regular flow of qualified prospects. On top of that, their reporting provides us with visibility on our sales pipeline in real time, at any time.” Jake Payne, Managing Director, JR Payne Haulage

Why Our Customers Choose Us

  • 01

    We eliminate the cost and challenges associated with an in-house sales team.
  • 02

    A self-managed sales team at Premium Sales reduces management time and cost.
  • 03

    Full visibility and transparency of the sales pipeline to understand if you have enough opportunities to achieve your goals.
  • 04

    Greater flexibility: scale-up or scale-down your sales efforts depending on the sales you need and providing a variable cost base.
  • 05

    More focus – specific campaigns with clear objectives and KPIs.
  • 06

    Better systems and processes – proven to work.
  • 07

    Advice on where to achieve the best return for your investment: generating new customers, up-selling existing customers or developing your own team’s skills and capabilities by instilling better sales habits
  • 08

    Improved efficiency – 100% of our time is focused on generating new business.
  • 09

    Motivated People – all of our sales team are employed (not outsourced), trained to be resilient, and follow tried and tested sales and customer development processes.
  • 10

    Great results – because it’s numbers that count, at the end of the day.